Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

The UScan machine froze on me half way through scanning all of my coupons, so the cashier entered the cash amount that I owed into another machine and then scanned the rest of my coupons. I have no real idea how much I spent & saved... so I am ball parking my figures!

Grocery Total: $61.50
Spent:$11.50 & Saved: $50.00
28 coupons spent
12 FREE items (the yogurt)

$3 of my total was spent at Costco for the lettuce. We eat a lot of salad in our house and Romain is one of the healthiest varieties of lettuce and it has a long shelf life in our refrigerator. Costco shares the parking lot with Meijer, so it is relatively convenient for me to run into Costco twice a month to pick up 2 packages (just one this week) of Romain.

If I were to just pick up Romain at Meijer each week, I'd spend an extra $1.50 a week. If I double up on my purchasing and hit Costco twice a month, I can save $6 a month, or $72 a year just for our 'standard' lettuce consumption, not including hosting parties and family events!

If I can seek out ways to save on our standard purchases- without compromising taste/convenience/quality, then I am willing to put a little bit of extra effort into our savings.

Just think, if I could purchase 10 products like laundry soap, diapers, paper towels and tooth paste at a reduced cost out of my pocket each month, then I could save HUNDREDS of dollars year after year. Hmmm, that sounds like what I am already doing...



Where is there a Costco and a Meijer with a shared parking lot? I should be going there instead of driving and parking between the ones out by Commerce!

Laura Webber

I shop in Livonia, on Middlebelt and the expressway. I keep a cooler in my car for my lettuce pretty much year round so that I don't have to worry about how long I shop.


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