Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

My favorites to stockpile this week, August 9-15, 2009

Tyson fresh chicken, $2.19/lb (look for the smallest packages) spend $.50 coupon

Aunt Millies bread & buns, $1.29, spend $.35 coupon, = $.59/each

Danimals yogurt (crush cups and smoothie drinks), $2 package, spend $1 manufacturer coupon and $1 mealbox coupon = FREE

Capri Sun's (no coupons), purchase 4 boxes for roughly $7 and receive a Catalina (store money) for $3 off of your next purchase.

I like to spend my store money in two ways to maximize my spending :

1. If I am purchasing products that will earn me money, I like to purchase those items in a separate transaction BEFORE I purchase the rest of my groceries, then I simply apply my reward money to my regular grocery purchases- saving me money right then and there- so I don't have to keep track of my reward money and remember to spend it the next time I shop.

2. I try to maximize the money by looping the same deal over and over again. If I had a child who would need to bring a drink to school everyday for lunch, I would purchase my initial 4 boxes for $7, the I would purchase 4 more boxes for $7-$3 for my earned store money = $4 of actual cash coming out of my wallet... then I may even do the same transaction again.



I tried to spend my $8 off store coupon/money on Saturday and the cashier kindly told me that the small print clearly states it excludes groceries. I really didn't think Meijer would exclude groceries, but they did! :-)


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
The rewards that you are talking about were printing in $2 incriments in July and you have the month of August to spend them... yep, those exclude groceries. The store reward money that you will earn by purchasing Capri Sun's is a different kind of store reward money- this reward money you can spend on groceries!

The Pohl Family

I got my free Danimals (twice) today. Got to love it. I only had $50 to spend this week, so I planned hard for each of my purchases. Even got some things at Walgreens.