Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hold On to Your Receipts...

Whenever I post about awesome Huggies diaper deals I always mention sending your receipts to Caregivers Marketplace for a $.75 rebate per package of diapers.

Caregiver's rules are that you need to send receipts (multiple transactions are fine) with at least 5 packages to be eligible to receive your rebate. (http://caregiversmarketplace.com)

I personally have used this rebate company without any problems, but one of my readers tried to cash her rebate check on the last day of the month and she was denied payment... but the following week (early in the month) she was able to cash her check without a problem. So watch the date of the month when cashing to ensure Caregiver's Marketplace has available funds.

Today I was reading (http://commonsensewithmoney.com) Mercedes post about the size change in diapers per package (like 40 count packages shrinking to 36 count packages) is throwing off the rebate system, and rebates are not being honored... at least for now until the problem is fixed, which Caregiver's Marketplace intends to do.

Feel free to read Mercedes' whole story, and hold on to your receipts in the meantime. I'll keep you posted with any changes in the rebate status!