Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Grocery Total: $70.70
Spent: $28.24 & Saved: $49.44
28 coupons spent
17 FREE items including 12 Kraft single cups and 5 of the Ziplocs.

I picked up the two six packs of Romain at Costco after I had grocery shopped since Costco doesn't open until 10am. I was shocked to find the exact same watermelon (branded by its sticker) for about $.25 shy of DOUBLE Meijer's price... Oh Costco, why do you spank the competition on so many products only to fail me with my own personal needs?

I had 6 tear pad coupons for the regular Kraft mac & cheese cups, which when I coupled the Mealbox coupons- I received all of these for FREE... I'll have to head back to score the Velveeta cups for $.19/2 plus the $1 Catalina.

I also had $4 in the Meijer reward money, and I knew that I could not spend this money on groceries, so I planned on placing my reward money towards the Ziploc storage containers that I was purchasing. No dice. So I decided to explain my intentions to a store manager who agreed that I should be able to spend my reward money on the Ziploc (non-grocery item) and so she gave me my $4 in cash... plus the register had her give me the tax for the $4... and since she was busy she just gave me a quarter instead of the $.24. I'm glad that I asked. So I ended up paying $3.25 for 26 of my favorite Ziploc containers!!!

I usually try to shop early in the week to score the great deals, and I often will repeat the deals again at the end of the week for items like meat and produce. If watermelon is on sale (it seems to be on sale every other week) that we can eat the first one I purchase all throughout the week, and then the watermelon that I purchase at the end of the week can provide for us during the following week, allowing our family to utilize one sale price for two weeks.

Lastly, I am thrilled that my garden is providing for our tomato and cucumber needs since we eat a lot of salad in our home! It is awesome to have fresh veggies without adding to my grocery bill!


Bargains to Bounty

Great deals! And I agree with you about warehouse stores - you really need to know your prices so that you don't assume Costco has a good quantity price on everything! Buyers beware of expensive watermelons! :)

We take the same approach when it's a good sale week - buy early in the sale, then again late in the sale for perishable items to stretch your savings for 2 weeks!


I was just at Meijer and scored 20 of the mac and cheese cups for nothing! yeah! I also had just clipped a pound cake coupon from the paper and noticed Meijer had theirs on clearance for $ mine for .84! Also, their OreIda fries are on sale, plus when you buy 3, you get one free. Stock up time!


Laura Webber

Thanks for the heads up!!!


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