Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Local Ladies

Last night I enjoyed the company of fellow bloggers Jolyn (left) of http://macombmoneysavers.blogspot.com/ and Courtney (right) of http://123save.blogspot.com/. Courtney, Jolyn and I met to encourage one another, share ideas, bounce ideas off of one another and to build local community.

Jolyn is an amazing match up artist who shares deals for TEN SE Michigan grocery chains, and Courtney is SUPER coupon woman for the Howell SUPER Kroger!

Take a few minutes to discover the blogs of these local ladies- hey you might even want to begin dropping them some comments or you may decide to follow their blogs as well. Following (and leaving comments) is the highest form of flattery to a blogger!

If you are a Metro Detroit savvy shopping blogger and you are interested in joining our next gathering send me an email and I'll be sure to include you next time!


Bargains to Bounty

Thanks for the link, Laura! It was so much fun to meet and chat! :) Hope to do it again soon...