Monday, August 3, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: where did you find the Target coupons...on their website recently?

Me: Target coupons can be found on at the bottom of the grocery section. Click on "coupons" to access all of the current coupons.

Coupon Clipper: How often does Target change their coupons?

Me: Target seems to have rolling dates on their store coupons. The coupons seem to pop up with no rhyme or reason. But... keep in mind that ALL coupons are marketing strategy to persuade you to purchase specific products under specific time restraints (think coupon expiration dates). Manufacturers "purchase" advertising space from the store when they are marketed by "store coupons."

Coupon Clipper: What are IPs?

Me: "IP" is coupon jargon for Internet Printables... or online coupons that you print yourself!

Coupon Clipper: Can you use more than one coupon on a single item (manufacturers coupon + store coupon, for example)?

Me: Yup! Isn't that awesome!!!

Coupon Clipper: And when you're getting a BOGO free item, can you use a coupon on the free item?

Me: Yes and no... it all depends on if the cashier/ manager on duty will allow it. I always shop "armed" with dual coupons, but I take getting turned down with grace!



Thanks, Laura!