Monday, July 20, 2009

Target Gift Card Challenge Update:

For the sake of my new readers, I'll quickly recap my gift card challenge. (Feel free to view all of my Target gift card challenge posts under "Target" on the right hand column of my blog...)

For Mother's Day my husband's grandma gave me a $20 Target gift card and a wink... she challenged me to purchase at least (ha, ha, ha!) $40 worth of merchandise- doubling the gift cards value...

So, I still had $6.69 worth of gift card burning a hole in my wallet... I have already purchased $260.75 worth of goodies, but... I do love to peruse the aisles at Target.

Sunday evening I headed out just before close (FYI: If you are in line right at closing time they dim the lighting- how romantic!!!) to swoop in and score some freebies!

Purchase total: $48.77
Spent: $1.00 & Saved: $47.77
37 coupons spent
33 FREE items

*FREE items include the dish washer rinse from a home mailer, Nexcare band aid online printable, Target Kashi cereal coupon found on, J&J coupons from the paper.

SPENT: $14.31
SAVED: $309.52
$5.69 left to spend!!!


Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Impressive (as per usual!)!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Laura Webber



I notice the Kashi cereal coupon says "Limit one offer per transaction." Did you have to do multiple transactions?

Laura Webber

Nope. I have talked with corporate on this... and if your store is willing to use all of your coupons in one transaction (saves them time) then it is allowable.


What paper where the $3/3 J&J coupons in? I can't find them...


Where did you find the Nexcare Tattoos? I didn't see those at my Target. Also, my store was sold out of the Kashi Go Lean cereal bowls. That's my favorite. :-(


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