Monday, July 20, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

We were totally out of milk by 8am this morning so the Little Guy and I went shopping. My Lysol rain check was expiring (and from the looks of my recent Meijer trips it looks like I need more!!!) so I grabbed a few coupons and headed out.

If you have taken my coupon class then you are aware that I stalk the coupon printing (AKA: Catalina machines) while I am shopping! I also will peek at coupons on the ground... shameless I know! Well, it totally paid off today!

As I was walking in I found a Meijer coupon for $4 off of my next purchase between 8-2 & 8-31.

Later, when I was checking out the previous guest left his/her Catalina coupon hanging at the printer and it was for $2 off you next purchase (from General Mills) so I spent that when I was checking out...

Then, as I was leaving another U Scan machine had a $2 off your next purchase coupon hanging from the printer as well... so keeping my eyes open made me $8 today!!!

Grocery total: $59.94
Spent: $19.80 & Saved: 40.14
21 coupons spent
8 FREE items (Lysol)


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Hi Laura,
Which Meijer do you shop that doubles coupons? I emailed Meijer to find out which do, but they haven't answered. Thanks :-)