Friday, July 17, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Kroger

Grocery Total: $51.22
Spent: $20.91 & Saved: $30.31
23 Coupons used

I needed to pick up a few items to make Dave (my husband) his favorite dessert for his birthday and I was hoping to pick up a few boxes (OK, a year's supply) of Kleenex. Check!

I hate to pay full price for anything, let alone something to wipe boogers on and toss directly into the trash... but we cannot live without Kleenexes!

Rarely do I EVER see a tissue sale, so when I can get 'the good stuff' for less than 75% of the original price, I stock up. To be honest, the last time I purchased tissues it was early January when Target was liquidating their Christmas surplus. I scooped up a few wintery themed boxes... but now that it is warm outside penguin decor boxes look silly.

With Kleenex included in the Mega Sale this week at Kroger, I spent my $.50/2 boxes of Kleenex coupons in conjunction with my other items to receive the $5 discount or extra $.50 off per item.

This week these 80 count boxes are on sale (down from $2.09/box) for $1.79/box. After the Mega Sale discount (purchasing 10 qualifying items) another $.50 is removed from your purchasing price= $1.29/box.

The $.50/2 coupon (from last weekend's paper) magically doubles at Kroger- allowing an extra $.50 off of each box = $.79/box.

But when you purchase 4 boxes in the same transaction you receive a Catalina (store reward money) for $1 off of your next purchase. (Lowering your box cost by another $.25... or really making each box cost $.54, or 75% off of regular retail!!!)

Could you use a few boxes?



For the it just 1 print per transaction? or did it print (4) $1 off catalina for you when you buy all the 16 in your picture?? Do you have to do seperate transactions??

Laura Webber

I just purchased all 16 boxes in one transaction and I received (4) $1 catalinas!!!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey* you know where that .50/2 coupon came from???

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Never mind...answered my own question??? :)


Cool! Thanks for the info...
I gotta go get some Kleenex tomorrow before the sale ends! :)

Laura Webber

Most weeks I really appreciate that Kroger's sales end on Sunday!!!


I just looked online and it this deal will continue for next week too! so you have until the 26th to do it or get more coupons if you can find them!


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