Monday, July 27, 2009

Kroger Again?

Embarrassingly, I needed to know if the Herbal Essences deal that I posted about earlier would be accepted... and it was! My preference is to do the deals myself to make sure they work before I send my faithful readers on a wild goose chase... I often am disappointed by other deals that I read about online that are not so great in my neck of the woods!

Grocery Total: $39.15
Spent: $.50 & Saved: $38.65
12 coupons spent
12 FREE items


Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey* can you explain what you did one more time??? That is an awsome deal!!!

Laura Webber

I spent 12 coupons... 6 get a FREE styler when you purchase a shampoo/conditioner and 6 $1 coupons for the actual shampoo/conditioner.

The FREE styler coupon attaches to the styler and the $1 coupon attaches to the shapoo/conditioner... using one coupon per item purchased!


So, there are 2 styling products not pictured?? I see the 6 shampoo/conditioners, but only see 4 styling products.

Laura Webber

Yep... I accidentally forgot the others at the store and need to go back... oops!


Laura: I understood the ad that the price of the products is 1.99 after the $4 you get back instantly at checkout, is that wrong? I want to do this deal but am confused. I am going to super kroger tomorrow but you can only use 3 identical coupons so it won't work there. Dawn


Thanks Laura! I just did this deal at Kroger- I got 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners and 4 styling products for $1.16 tax. My receipt said "saved 101%" WOO HOO! Thanks for the heads up :o)

I actually took my 19 y.o. son with me so I could do the deal twice! :o)

Becky C

I did this at my Kroger (Troy) and was told that their new policy is to only accept 3 identical coupons. I asked if she could remove 3 styling products and 3 shampoos from my order so that I could pay for them in a separate transaction. She said yes, but then decided to go ahead and give me credit for the 6 additional coupons on my original transaction rather than take the time to void and re-ring 6 items. $42 of hair care products for FREE! Thanks Laura!

Buy More 4 Less

Yea, question about accepting 3 of the same coupons. Did you do 2 separate transactions? That would make sense? Also, it says the $4 would be applied to non-P&G products but it looks like it was just applied off the purchase of the items above. I am headed there today, w/my coupons - hope it works for me!

Laura Webber

In my neighborhood I am not limited to 3 identical coupons like the Troy and Super Kroger store in Howell... If I were going to Super Kroger I would purchase 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and two styling products and I would receive $4 in coupon overage... meaning $4 towards the rest of the groceries in my cart!!!


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