Monday, June 8, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper:

Coupon Questions: if I have 2 coupons that say "$1.00 off when you buy two" can I use both (one coupon per item?)

Can I use manufacture coupons at the dollar store? ...if yes, do you recommend a particular branch of dollar stores? (dollar general, dollar tree, etc.)

Me: If you have 2 "save $1 on 2" coupons... you must purchase 4 items. The one coupon per item rule applies on single purchase coupons.

The only dollar store that I know of that accepts coupons is Dollar General- not a true $1 store, but I hear they occasionally have some pretty good deals.

Happy shopping!



I was wondering how do you get all those coupons if there are not alot in the paper? Where would you go or do?