Monday, June 8, 2009

Coupon Clipper: Here are my two questions after shopping at Meijer today...

1. I got the free Mars candy bar coupon in the mail this week from going to their website during their Friday promotion. I also have the b1g1 Mars coupon from the Sunday paper. It seemed to me you should be able to use both to get two free candy bars, but the cashier disagreed! I didn't push the issue because I wasn't certain it was legit, but I can't see why not. What do you think?

2. Does Meijer do sale price adjustments??? I stocked up on something this week (8 boxes) and I got the ad for next week and they are almost $1 cheaper next week. Darn!!! If I bring my receipt back next week will they give me the difference (like Target does)?

Me: First of all, your cashier was mis-informed, you are able to use both of your candy bar coupons together... I'm sure she just doesn't have the opportunity to have such a savvy consumer in her lane very often. When this happens to me, I just politely ask for a manager.

I would assume that Meijer does allow price adjustments- here is how I would handle that situation:

I would take my receipt with me the next time that I shopped at the store, and I would first thing, visit the customer service desk. I would ask to have my items price adjusted.

If they decline, then I would purchase a new set of identical items (even without coupons) and I would just return (with my first purchase's receipt) the first set of items... and even if you have consumed some of the first rounds' items- just return the second rounds as their replacement. When you return the "original" items, you will receive the full price, including your coupon money back... thus making up for purchasing round two's items without coupons.

The bummer about returning grocery type items is that the store is forbidden by law to resell those items. Even though the items may have remained completely sealed, they will need to be destroyed. (I am actually kind of thankful for this law).

So, I would imagine that Meijer (or any store for that matter) would be happier price adjusting rather than simply destroying food for no good reason.

I would let the customer service rep. know that you are aware of this law of destroying perfectly good food, and that your main concern is caring for your family well by keeping your grocery budget as low as possible. I'm sure that you will get the best price.

PS: Use your buy one get one FREE coupons for your Mars candy bars at Rite Aid this week, they are having a buy one get one FREE sale on the same candy bars... get TWO FREE!!!



Hang on, how did she see next week's ad? I wanna see next week's ad! :)

Laura Webber

I received this email over the weekend... this shopper was looking at the Meijer ad that she received in the mail last Friday for this week's sale. You should also receive Meijer's sale paper in your mailbox on Friday (with the Red Plum inserts, this Meijer sales paper advertises the following week's sale.


I tried the Rite-Aid deal at my local Rite Aid and they refused to use my free candy bar coupon (From Mars) and give me one free. Cashier/Manager both. The actual coupon rang up, but the Manager refused to let it go through. I was disappointed but did not want to stress over an 88 cent candy bar-so i politely asked to have the candy bars removed from my receipt, finished my transaction and left


A sign is posted at the service desk at the
Lapeer Meijer store--they do not do price adjustments any more. You have to return and repurchase.

Laura Webber

Bummer about the Rite Aid not allowing your coupon in conjunction with the sale. You did the right thing by just removing those items from your order.

And thanks for the Meijer info on price adjustments!