Saturday, June 6, 2009

K-Mart's Super Doubles are Back!!!

Starting Sunday June 7- Saturday June 13 Kmart will be doubling coupons up to $2 (a $2 coupon magically becomes a $4 coupon at the register).

All Michigan stores are participating, but shoppers are only allowed 10 coupons per day. Yikes! Last time it was 25 coupons per person.

There is a HUGGIES diaper deal running: Purchase select Unilever, Kimberly-Clark and SC Johnson Products and get a Catalina coupon to use on your next purchase!

Spend $20, get a $3 Catalina

Spend $35, get a $7 Catalina

Spend $50, get a $14 Catalina

Diapers are $9.99/pkg, so you could buy 5 packages and another inexpensive item that qualifies for the promo to get your total up to $50 (5 pkg's of diapers =$49.95... not $50). Then use the $5 off $50 coupon (available at

$50 in diapers + 1 small qualifying purchase = about $50
-$5 Kmart coupon = $45
- (5) $1.50-$2 coupons = $25-$30
receive $14 in Catalina's to spend on your next transaction. pay $5-$6 per pack of diapers and get $14 back to do all over again.

***Remember to send your Huggies receipts to to receive a $.75 rebate per package of Huggies diapers.



Woo hoo! Between the K-mart deals and the Meijer deals this week, I will be doing a LOT of shopping, and not a lot of spending!

Laura Webber

That's the best kind of shopping!!!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Laura - if you use the $14 catalina to buy more diapers, will catalinas print out again? That is called "rolling" right?

Laura Webber

I am pretty sure that you can roll your catalina's at Kmart- I so frequently shop there... but, if I encountered a problem with the catalina's rolling, I'd just visit customer service before I'd leave.


Hi Laura and everyone,
I encountered a problem while shopping at Kmart yesterday. I tried to use a coupon printed from and the cashier wouldn't allow me to use it. It was for $3 off Nair lotion and Nair was also half off, so I was going to get one for half off and the other for free, so I did something I have never done...asked to see a manager. The manager allowed me to use it but suggested I visit and print coupons off that site, and to use the links provided. I will do this from now on but has anyone else experienced this issue?

I saved more than $30 at Kmart and almost $20 at Meijer, which is a small amount for many of you, but this was only my second week and I was really excited!

Happy saving, everyone.