Monday, June 8, 2009

Target Gift Card Challenge Update:

Purchasing back by popular demand....

I made another purchase at Target with my Mother's Day gift card from Grandma Webber (thanks again!). The Bliss candy bar coupons were expiring on Saturday, so I decided to pick up a few more! I also used Target printable coupons for the Degree Deodorant (a manufacturer and a store coupon per deodorant; the store coupon was printed at and the Hefty handysacs were Target printable coupons from, but I was given grief by several store employees about the coupon- so I don't recommend trying to use it. FYI Target, in July, is supposedly going to make their online printable coupons far more specific... we'll see!

All of my other purchases were with regular clipped from the Sunday paper coupons. ***I had a class that was cancelled a few weeks ago so I had a million Dove and Vaseline coupons from my six papers and the ten extras... just putting them to good use!

Spending total: $54.30
Spent: $.62 & Saved: $53.68

Grand total spent: $11.62
Grand total saved: $225.44

Only $8.38 left to spend...



HOLY. COW. That is AMAZING. I can't wait to meet you on Thursday!!!!!!!!!



I would like tome her too. Michelle from corunna


Were you at the Target on Grand River and 9 mile? Because they told me they were no longer accepting the coupons for the Bliss bars, just the bagged candy, and I was sooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...

Laura Webber

Yep, that's my Target... they didn't tell you the truth. call corporate and ask them what they will do to make your situation right!


I've also tried on a few different occasions to use the target coupon for the bliss bars but they refuse every time. They say that they are for the bagged candies only. What can I say to convince them otherwise?


My target would take the coupon for one Bliss bar, but it said one coupon per transaction in the small print on the bottom of the coupon. Did you buy each one with a separate transaction? What size Dove & Vaseline did you get? My coupons from the paper are only good on the larger size.

Laura Webber

My Bliss bars were purchased in a single transaction, which is allowable at my store (sorry this coupon is expired) and my Dove coupon and my Vaseline coupons did not have a size limit... I was purchasing the green 'aloe' version of Vaseline. Did that help?


I hate the Target at 9 and Grand River. I follow all the rules that the coupons state, and they constanty challenge me!! I've called corporate several times....the cashiers make me feel like I am robbing from them is so annoying!


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