Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kids & Coupons

I am often asked how I balance shopping with a baby and spending my coupons.

I am lucky enough to have my son know no other shopping than Mommy with coupons. Sure, there was a stage or two where Boaz (my son) wanted to gnaw on my coupons, and even a few weeks where Boaz wanted to keep (or tear up) the coupons himself. But all in all- shopping with coupons is normal to him.

I encourage parents to either shop alone or to include their kids into spending the coupons. There are so many valuable lessons that can be learned at the grocery store... think about sharpening those math skills.

I received an email from a SYS student letting me know that she has designed classes for kids to learn life skills like counting money, saving, spending coupons and even budgeting... for kids! How awesome is that?

Feel free to check out the class site In fact, mention Sharpen Your Scissors to receive a class discount!



I usally have to shop with my 3 (homeschooled) kids: 10,6,3.

They now have "coupon shopping" down to a science. I send the 2 older ones up ahead of me in the aisle on a scavenger hunt for blinkies and tear pads. The younger one stays with me and finds the product on the shelf (usually by the picture on the coupon).

Because you taught me to make a list and only buy the items on my list, it's a quick in and quick out of each store.

My 10yo does help me prep my lists and helps with the math of which store has the better deal.