Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: My husband did some shopping for me today and some questions came up.
He went to Walgreen's and got the Colgate toothpaste that was free (after RR.) Can he go back tomorrow and get another one using the RR he got today, and get more RRs?)

No. Walgreen's does not allow a Register Reward (RR) to be spent on the identical item that it has been earned with. Your Colgate RR cannot be used to purchase another tube of Colgate IF you want another RR to print. If you don't care if your second RR prints following your second transaction of Colgate then feel free to spent the first transaction's RR on your second transaction.

Coupon Clipper:
At Meijer, he had a bunch of Mealbox coupons. They only let him use one so he had to do several transactions. Is this their policy? I couldn't find anything in the wording that limits you to only one mealbox coupon per visit.

Meijer has recently changed a few things about their Mealbox coupons.
FORMERLY: Mealbox coupons had been called "store coupons" and they used to state one coupon per transaction.

CURRENTLY: Mealbox coupons are called "Meijer manufacturer" coupons even though they are still store coupons that are able to be stacked with matching manufacturer coupons from the internet or Sunday paper. The new coupons no longer state one coupon per transaction.

***The problem is that Meijer's employee's have not been updated with new training procedures in how to redeem the newer Mealbox coupons. You may need to show the differences to the cashier and/or ask for the help of a store manager.

Coupon Clipper:
I’m starting to get this on a small scale but I can’t figure out how you get so much! Your blog and pictures amaze me every time and I say “how does she do that?!” Any way you could spell out how you are doing it (like specific items and where you got the coupons)? Just so I can figure out what I’m missing.

I offer access to several other blog sites who share their coupon match ups. I have no interest in repeating what other bloggers already are doing well, I would rather answer question, provoke new thrifty thinking and empower shoppers through building coupon confidence. Please do check out the blog links on the right hand side of my homepage.