Thursday, May 7, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Yet another question to help me on my quest... My biggest question is how do you get the large quantity of items. How do you have that many coupons? I get three papers so I usually have three coupons for each item, but when you show pics of what your donating for the month (for example) how in the world do you have 30 Garnier coupons etc...? Do you get coupons places other than the paper each week?

Me: I pick up 6 newspapers for myself each week plus I will clip and use the coupons from "left over" papers from my classes.

It is pretty obvious that I am a classic example of an over-purchaser :). The same is true for my class supplies. I always plan for a couple of last minute students for each of my classes. Often I have a couple of last minute cancellations for the classes as well- so I usually end up with more than 6 papers for my family to spend.

The week of the Garnier sale there were 2 coupons for Garnier products in the newspaper- and unfortunately I was stuck with several extra papers... so I turned the extra coupons into donatable products.