Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friend or Foe?

I absolutely LOVE U-Scan machines. What do you prefer?



I like them but I fequently have trouble getting them to scan my coupons and then its a hassle to get a cashier over to help me!


I typically only use uscans because I can make sure my coupons go through. Although, most of the time, I have to have a cashier come over and "okay" some of them. But the cashiers at my meijer are all great. Gina


At Meijer it's all I use. I use them at Kroger if I have a small transaction. I find though at Meijer most of my coupons that are HBC items need a cashier to approve. Grocery seem to always go through fine though. The cashiers at both places are always very helpful though and I have no issues.


I like them when I don't have a big stack of coupons. In a big stack I always eventually come to one that requires clearance. Then they come over, look at the stack left in my hand, and decide to enter the rest themselves, so they won't have to keep coming over. The problem with this is, I can't see what they're entering (or not entering) back at their master uscan station.

Laura Webber

Interesting... usually my u scan cashiers will enter my coupons manually at my kiosk. But, if by chance they leave my kiosk (like at Kroger u scan), I try to add up the money I should be saving- in my head. Then I reverify if that much savings was removed from my total.


My feelings are, if I'm doing all the work cutting coupons and then shopping, the store can have someone check me out. I'm not doing that additional step, and then going home and putting the groceries away. If they wanted to give me a 10% discount, for checking out and bagging my own groceries, then I'd think about it.


I think I am in the minority. I will use them if I am in a hurry (like on my way to work) or if I only have a few items (which is not often). I like putting everything on the conveyer and having the cashier ring me up.


Dawn - My Kroger was the only place that would take the coupons to their station and scan them. Recently though they have been doing them at my u scan. I ALWAYS count all my coupons before I get to the check out. Then when I get to my car I double check the total scanned. I have found on a couple trips they missed something and I went back in and the cashier walked me to customer service and explained what happend and they gave me the cash.

I use to be a cashier for many years and have no issues with going through the u scan at any store. I find that I can be done and out the store before I could unload my cart, have the cashier scan the items and then do my coupons. That's if there are no lines...when there are lines I am probably half way home by the time a regular check out would take.


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