Thursday, April 9, 2009

40% Off

Recently I posted about how I purchase chicken on sale and how I prepare it for freezing. I also like to purchase my ground beef or ground turkey when it is 40% off because it is nearing its expiration date. (The use of freeze by date).

Last weekend I purchased 10 pounds of ground beef for $14. That's $1.40 per pound- a great deal! I cooked all 10 pounds of meat in a stockpot, I drained and rinsed (to get rid of more fat) the meat and placed it in 1 pound servings in a freezer Ziploc bag.

I find it is MUCH easier to thaw cooked meat than frozen meat- so cooking before freezing is my favorite. I also prefer to have flattened packages for the freezer- they stack nicely and since they are flat and thin- when I go to thaw a package I can easily break the meat into chunks before adding it to spaghetti sauce o other dishes.