Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Dumpster Diving"

OK, OK, dumpster diving isn't really about climbing into a green stinky giant metal garbage can... its another act of frugalness.

Dumpster diving can include (but is not limited to):

-Asking friends, family or neighbors who receive the Sunday newspapers if you can have their coupon inserts if they do not use them.

-Trading coupons with friends... for example I trade pet coupons for baby coupons.

-Picking coupons out of the trash cans near the U-Scan machines.

I have a friend who swings into McDonalds after church to grab the coupon insert that people have left behind after they have enjoyed the paper and their cup of coffee.

I also had a SYS reader email me and say

"...I have gotten to know the man that I buy my paper from each Sunday after church. He knows I buy the paper for the coupons (because I got a paper without them one week and went back and asked for a different one). He gives me extra coupon packs almost every week. If he has the insert section (TV Book, coupons, comics, etc) that is missing something, he can't sell them. So, he has a big pile sitting there, and usually gives me an extra 2 or 3. Sometimes they are missing some of the coupons, but often I get several extra coupon packets for free. Just suggesting that getting to know your newspaper supplier can be to your advantage."

I'd LOVE to hear any other suggestions! Happy diving!