Friday, April 3, 2009

Free Shipping?

If you are an online bargain hunter (sadly, I am a see, touch... buy in store kind of girl) than this may be just the website for you!

Launching on March 30th at, the “Go Frugal” blog will offer valuable tips and money-saving ideas from the web's foremost deal-hunters, savvy shoppers and cost-conscious bloggers. Topics will include advice for families looking to have fun on a budget, how to look (and feel) your best for less, as well as the latest online bargains and freebies.

“With the addition of the Go Frugal blog, we’re not just giving our users more opportunities to save, but also helping them make a fundamental shift towards a more frugal lifestyle - something that’s become more important than ever in the current economic climate,” said founder Luke Knowles. “These days it’s about more than just finding the best deal. It’s educating yourself, prioritizing, figuring out how to live well on less and making what you have last longer. Hopefully can help make these changes a little less daunting, and in some cases, even fun.”

Thanks Rick at!