Friday, April 3, 2009


I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Meijer. I love Meijer's produce.

When I sit down to look at the weekly sales ad I look for the items that my family will need in the near future and I also look for 1-5 items to build my stockpile with.

A stockpile is multiples of the same item, like 3 boxes of cereal.

I have built my stockpile slowly, adding a few items each week, our most frequently used items, and now I mostly just maintain/replace the items that we are running low on.

Meijer is one of my favorite places to shop for building my stockpile because they offer store coupons and they accept manufacturer coupons. Using two sources of coupons and combining their savings is called stacking.

After I have made my grocery list and I have clipped and set aside the matching manufacturer coupons I visit to see if I can match up Meijer's store coupons for even more savings from my grocery bill.

Here's how you find Meijer's store coupons:
Type in meal box in the search box.
When meal box pops up, go to specials, and under specials you will find coupons. You may print these as many times as you like- just watch for limits here too!

*I did just learn something new about mealbox coupons just last week. Some of the mealbox coupons say manufacturer coupons instead of store coupon on the top. Beware, these coupons may not be stacked with an internet printable manufacturer's coupon or a clipped from the newspaper manufacturer coupon.

Happy Meijering!