Saturday, February 21, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Have you ever bought coupons on Ebay?

I won my first set. It was .95 and has a lot of baby coupons in it. I have bid on two other mixed lots.

What are your thoughts on buying coupons?

Me: I have just begun looking into purchasing coupons... well, the clipping service- as buying coupons is illegal!

I have peeked into but I have yet to need or want specific coupons. The coupon clipping service (wink) is inexpensive per coupon and the shipping is quite reasonable- but I'd love if you'd share the follow up of your Ebay purchase... I am very intrigued.

My thoughts as far as 'purchasing' coupons: hey- do whatever it takes to build the stockpile that your family needs. Regular retail prices are crazy high... but with coupon savvy shopping and spending skills the more time you invest behind the scenes the less money you will spend out of pocket for the items that your family needs.

Why not spend a little money up front to save much much more in the long run... isn't that what we all do when we 'buy' our coupons on Sundays?

Have fun watching your mailbox!!!

Coupon Clipper: Thanks. I was wondering why all of the posts were for the time spend clipping the coupons and not the coupons themselves. That makes sense for the sale of a coupon to be illegal.

I searched for Kroger coupons knowing that I could use them along with the manufactures coupon because I knew that they mail out coupons too. I didn't realize how cheap it was. They even had entire circulars with the coupons not even cut out from previous weeks. I just looked for what I needed but there are a lot of mixed lots out there.

I am starting to get a good stockpile so I think I am going to look for particular coupons for items that we are brand loyal to (my husband will only use Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste . . .).

I love reading all of your posts, I know a few of my friends are following your blog now too after reading my posts. It has completely changed the way we spend our money. We are getting so much more, and spending way less. It frees up money for other things we need that we can't save money on. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Me: My pleasure! Since overhauling the way that I shop- and experiencing the 'buy more/spend less' impact on my own personal finances- I cannot help but share my skills and enthusiasm! Thanks for the feedback!!!