Sunday, February 22, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I have a quick question.

I just recently signed up for a account and was given the opportunity to load coupons directly onto my Kroger card from P&Gesaver and I just wanted to be sure that these are considered manufacturers coupons and not store coupons.

Also, do you find these to be a good value or not worth the effort?

Me: I have had an interesting time loading e-coupons on to my Kroger card. I am a bit less than technologically savvy (OK, a LOT less).

The first time that I loaded my card up with coupons is worked- and I was able to use 2 e-coupons on my purchase. The second time that I tried using my e-coupons nothing happened. I decided that e-coupons were not worth my time.

But here are a few "rules" of e-coupons in case you are interested in using them:

1. E-coupons do not double, not ever- even if they are $.50 or less.

2. It is illegal to stack an e-manufacturer's coupon with a printed/clipped manufacturer's coupon- but I read many blog posts encouraging coupon users to stack in this way.

3. The e-coupons are a 'only once' coupon... not once per transaction all month long.

Even though it may seem to be an easy money saving/ time saving (no actual clipping) concept, it (personally speaking) is not worth my time. Like I have said here before, I am a coupon in hand kind of girl. I like to have my game plan set before me and I like to leave very little room to chance. I know each stores coupon policy, I try to stick to checking out with the same cashiers and I like to have my coupons in hand and ready for spending. One more item to keep track of at the check out might just send me over the edge, but that is just me personally.

If e-coupons seem more your tech-savvy style- then by all means- at least give it a try! The money that you save purchasing the items that your family needs is the end goal... the way you personally get to that goal is your choice.