Saturday, February 21, 2009

Q & A

From and email...

Coupon Clipper: I am having a blast with coupons!!

Instead of spending our Friday night pizza money on pizza, I went shopping. I got $90 worth of stuff for $7!! (Including a bunch of pizza rolls-win/win).

I am up to 57% savings for the month, just since taking your class on 1/31!!

I have a question though... I "shopped" at cvs and was asked to update my email addy, the cashier told me I would get $4 ecb at a later date for doing it. My question is, when do I get that $4? and how?

Me: Girl you ROCK!!!

You are one sweet shopper for a "girl who HATES to shop!" I think you just hated to spend your hard earned money!!! (Way to spend the Manufacturer's money!!!)

CVS asking you to update you email is an easy and painless way for you to score some 'above and beyond' FREE stuff.

I'm pretty sure that the cashier misspoke when offering you $4 in ECB's. In my experience (and in eavesdropping in on other customers conversations with cashiers) that you actually update your email address to receive a coupon (via your email address) for $4 off of a $20 online printable coupon.

*I think that you can print and use your coupon as many times as you'd like before it expires.

I personally like the $4/$20 coupons- they are very easy to spend some coupons and some ECB's and to get EVERYTHING for FREE!

Keep in mind that the cashiers only ask you to update your email address periodically. You can always visit and create a profile for yourself (it is super easy) and you can update your email address there as well to receive the $4/$20.