Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interesting Information...

While scoping out a few other frugal living blogs I came across a chart for monthly spending.

Essentially, the breakdown for spending was:

$100/person per month for a beginner coupon user.
*This shopper doesn't really use coupons, but will shop the store's sales.

$75/person per month for an intermediate coupon user.
*This shopper uses a handful of coupons and has a limited stockpile.

$50/person per month for an expert coupon user.
*This shopper primarily spends with coupons and has an amazing stockpile.

I think that this is really interesting. I have never thought to break down the spending by number of people living in the household.

I prefer to look at my 'Spending Footprint' or the financial mark that I create for my family.

In January 2009, I spent $383.60. I sent away for $177.49 in rebates- (and although it will take weeks for me to actually receive my rebates, it is money back in my wallet). This brings my footprint to $206.11. But I also received a tax write off for $650 in lieu of making a donation to a food pantry. So my overall footprint is -$443.89. This is a negative number- meaning that I am receiving a write off for more than my grocery spending!

I may spend a little more cash up front than this chart recommends (This chart would consider me to be less than a beginner coupon user..haha), but I come out MUCH further ahead in the long run.

Interesting, very interesting!