Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Total for Groceries: $66.55
Spent: $ 44.69 & Saved: $21.86
Used 16 coupons
1 FREE item

When grocery shopping, especially when buying meat and lots of produce, I try to save 50% of what I spend... I'm pretty much in that range.

Yesterday I took a rain check with me to Meijer to buy some more hand soap. (A girl can never have enough hand soap!!!) My rain check was for Softsoap. I tried to buy several bottles when they had been on sale for $1, but they were sold out.

That same week Kroger had the Softsoap on sale for $1 as well- and so I just spent my coupons there.

I still hung on to my Meijer rain check in hopes that I may score some more soap coupons, and I was thrilled that they were in last weekends paper again.

I had 8 Softsoap coupons for $.35, and when doubled, the soap would only cost me $.30 with my rain check.

I know for a fact, that the coupon policy at Meijer states that ONLY the first two identical coupons scanned will double. BUT I wanted all of my coupons to double- to get the best savings!

When checking out I explained that I had a rain check because the shelves had been empty a few weeks ago when I had come in for the sale, and I kindly explained that I had expectation for ALL of my coupons to double because if the shelves hadn't been empty I simply would have done 4 small transactions (scanning only 2 coupons per purchase so they would all double in value) to get the best savings.

My cashier couldn't argue with my explanation or logic and so I was able to have ALL 8 of my coupons manually doubled.

Coupon Lady Snippet:
Know your store's coupon policy and be able to kindly speak the 'language'.