Monday, January 26, 2009

SUPER Kroger

*Super Kroger is Located on M-59 in Howell, MI.
Every day this Kroger will double coupons up to $1.
This is the ONLY grocery store that I am aware of the doubles coupons up to $1.

Grocery Total: $266.23
Spent: $26.43 & Saved: $239.80
Coupons used: 154 (including the store doubles)

I bought quite a few items that Dave really likes (4 Johnsonville brat products and big bags of pizza rolls), that I have coupons for- but that are higher that $.50 and my regular grocery stores won't double. So I often will save them for my monthly trip to Super Kroger!

A few of my friends from church and I get together for snackies (thanks Jarett) and then we shop together. We plan our shopping party for the last Sunday of the month- to use our coupons before they expire. If you'd like to join us next month- just let me know!!!

Full carts, full wallets and happy shoppers~

We even bumped into another friend from church!!!



oooh you have to let me know when you're going next time!


The Kroger in Grand Blanc will also double coupons up to $1 (example: $1 coupon is now $2 coupon). It is the only one I have found around here that does it.


Any secrets to your super deals at Kroger? I am heading there tomorrow evening. Already have coffee mate coupons. . .