Monday, January 26, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Future Coupon Clipper: Where is a good place to start for someone who can't throw herself into the whole couponing thing but wants to try it out a bit? The Sunday newspaper?

Me: The Sunday Paper is the best resource- and really, if you on a weekly basis, set aside half an hour to go visit the blogs on the right hand side of my coupon blog- you'd find out about some great Internet printable coupons that are free for the printing too...

Future Coupon Clipper: Thanks, I'll be sure to pick up the paper this week. I was reading Money Saving Mom (blog) for a while but she totally freaked me out! I had no idea what she was talking about most of the time.

*Using coupons can seem very overwhelming at first- especially if you are trying to wing it on your own.

(SHAMELESS PLUG: The class that I offer really does hand hold you for your first peek into the world of saving tons of money. $20 is a worthy investment into the thousands of shopping trips that you will make over the course of your lifetime!)