Monday, January 26, 2009


I had a girlfriend call me today (to schedule a coupon party) for some clarification on my glucose monitor purchase(s).

I shopped 3 separate times on Saturday between two stores. I have a really hard time not going and getting FREE stuff, and so I felt that I needed to exhaust either the store's supply of goods- or my collection of coupons. Just for the record, don't do the glucose deal at the 11 Mile & Middlebelt Rite Aid, you will be sadly disappointed when you look at the shelves!

I made 15 transactions- needing (15) $5 off a $25 purchase IP (Internet printable) coupons. One cashier offered to do just one large transaction- but I needed to do many small ones- keeping my total bill to $25 to get everything for FREE.

If I had purchased 4 glucose monitors and $20 worth of goodies- I would only have gotten to use (1) $5 off a $25 purchase coupon. Yes, the glucose monitors would have been FREE, but I would only have gotten $5 in FREE stuff.

But I deliberately broke my transactions into $25 increments to get the FREEBIES.

*I often find that the longer that I stand in front of the cashier, the more money I save. Multiple transactions are often necessary to save the most money.

I hope that this clarification has helped!