Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smelling REALLY Good!

Rule #1 to keeping your spending to a minimum...
find someone else to pick up your tab...
like this super cute Little Lefty... he's a BIG spender!!! :)

Bath & Body Works Total: $117.00
Spent: $9.54 & Saved: $107.46
9 FREE items!
9 coupons used

ALWAYS open you B&BW emails...

We have two B&BW stores in my neighborhood. One just outside of 12 Oaks, and one inside of 12 Oaks. I usually just run to the outside store- as it is much less crowded.

Boaz and I each (yes, my son is a bargain hunter just like his Mommy!) made a transaction on the second and third day of the sale (A store manager told me that we could use one coupon per person per day...).

But today Bo and I ventured inside the mall- to check if they had a different selection. We hit the jackpot when the cashier told me that I could make as many transactions as I please! Woo Hoo- I didn't have to go back tomorrow!

So... all in all, we made 9 transaction- scooping up 9 large body washes (one is missing from the picture- it has already made its way into my shower- and I smell delicious!!!) and 9 little body washes and lotions. I'm thrilled... if you can believe it, I was just about out of body wash... I want a little bit overboard with a previous donation- so this sale was just in time!