Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way

Rite Aid Shopping Total: $401.93
Spent: $21.08 & Saved: $380.85
36 Coupon used
(except for the tax and some of the bottle deposits!!!)
I paid $1.83 before tax... just for 18 of the bottle deposits...
The tax on this purchase was $20.70.

Today I read about a deal that included buying glucose monitors (to donate) for $19.99 and picking out another $5 worth of Rite Aid merchandise and getting it all for FREE (minus the sales tax).

So I scooped out all of my One Touch coupons, and I printed several $5 off of a $25 Rite Aid purchase (check out to find the link to the coupon).

I picked up 30 reusable bags (you'll see these if you take my class), (24) 2L of Coke (my breakfast beverage of choice), and three big boxes of girl stuff :)! I love to get some good needs & wants when they are FREE!!!

Coupon Lady Snippet: using a coupon is like paying with cash. The One Touch glucose monitors above were $19.99 and I had several (obviously) $20 off coupons. When I hand the cashier my coupon and (s)he scans it into the system, the system reads it like I have handed over a twenty dollar bill- so I am still obligated to pay the sales tax.

If I used a $1 coupon to pay for a non-food item, I would still have to pay Michigan's $.06 sales tax. Food items are purchased without payment of sales tax.