Friday, January 23, 2009

Rolling My Dough

Grocery Total: $37.93
Spent: $2.92 & Saved: $35.01

Before I started using coupons I never would have imagined myself buying spaghetti sauce anywhere but a grocery store. Who would have thought that you could get a better deal at a drug store? Not me!!!

Well, I bought these today at Walgreen's. (No we are not Italian, but we love spaghetti and lasagna in our house.)

Walgreen's often has fantastic deals on grocery items... weird as it may seem to buy them at the "corner store".

This week (middle page of flyer on the right side), Walgreen's has a deal that if you buy 4 jars of sauce you receive $2 in RR (Register Rewards - Walgreen's money), if you buy 6 jars you receive $6 in RR, and if you buy 8 jars you receive $10 in RR.

Since I had $10 in RR from my Sunsilk deal earlier in the week, I decided to ROLL my Register Rewards into my Ragu deal- 1. to help pay for the jars of sauce, and 2. to earn me a new $10 RR.

So I bought my 8 jars of Ragu ($1.99/each) + (4) $.75 off of two jars coupons (-$3.00) bringing my total down to $12.92. I then handed over my $10 RR (from the Sunsilk), bringing my cost down to $2.92 and I received another $10 RR. Not bad!

*Remember: I only paid $3.35 (actually it was $0 because I used a gift card) for my Sunsilk items- which earned me the $10 RR. So I made $6.65 in my Sunsilk transaction and I just exchanged one $10 RR for another $10 RR. So I rolled my Walgreen's money into more Walgreen's money.

Coupon Lady Snippet: "ROLLING" your store rewards is one of the best ways to make your money stretch. Both Walgreen's and CVS have a reward type of system to lure you into shopping at their store. Use these gimmicks to your advantage. I always try to buy a product with my reward money that will end up earning me MORE reward money. I check the store's sale ad to plan my purchases strategically.

Walgreen's RR's are usable for 2 week, then they expire.

CVS's ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) expire after one month. (Check with your store manager, but my store manager will accept ECB's even after they have expired!)