Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Can't Pass Up FREE Stuff!

Total $11.99
Spent $1.30 & Saved $10.69
20 coupons used
10 items FREE

I hit Kroger one last time for this week's sale. I found that I had more Cottonelle coupons- and I think that I still have some old unclipped coupon inserts (YIKES!). 40 more rolls... I'm up to 64 FREE rolls for this week!

I like to 'Run the Circuit' on Sunday nights. I live within two miles of CVS, Walgreen's, Target and Kroger. After clipping my coupons- I like to sort out my game plans for each store- and make a run for it after Boaz is asleep for the night! Sometimes I think that if I wait until too late in the week- all of the FREEBIES and the good stuff will be gone... sometimes I don't want to settle for rain checks!

AND... I think that I learned something new about Kroger tonight. As I was stocking up on my TP, I had 10 Cottonelle coup's for $.50 off. Kroger doubled them by taking another $.49 off (the purchase price was $.99- that's why it only doubled to $.49).

Well, I only paid $.30 in tax, but the tax on $10 worth of non-food items is $.60.

SO... I think that Kroger does not charge tax on the doubled coupon amount. Hmmm, awesome! I'm pretty sure that the reason is that the store cannot charge tax on something that they are offering to you for FREE. I just may need to call corporate to find out!