Sunday, January 18, 2009


Total $39.38
Spent $.38 & Saved $39.00
Used 12 coupons
(Basically- because of tax) 12 FREEBIES!!!

I'm not normally a store brand shopper- but I will occasionally give products a try, knowing that I can return them for a full refund if I don't like them. I have tried these CVS brand wipes before and did not like them at all- but... my son is a super messy eater-and he drops lots of crumbs and food onto our wood floor.

I hate slimy half chewed food stuck to the floor, so I keep a soft package of wipes in one of the drawers that is built into our table. After Boaz is done eating I whip one out and quickly wipe up the mess. These CVS wipes will handle that mess well, and I really don't care if I like the scent or not! (Honestly, I think they stink!)

The Huggies I will save for Bo's sweet little cheeks!



ok, which coupons did u use? where did you find them?

Laura Webber

My CVS accepts expired CVS coupons. So I used the $3 off any CVS brand- and the Playskool wipes are a CVS brand. I also had a $4 off $20 Playskool purchase and a $5 off a $30 purchase that CVS has mailed to me!


Bummer, I always throw mine away. Guess I will have to start saving them and see if our store will take them.

Laura Webber

Managers from my store have told me that they NEVER actually expire- and that they will always accept a CVS coupon. The coupon will need to be keyed in (typed in manually) but it should be accepted!