Monday, January 19, 2009

Coupon Q & A

Actual g-chat conversation:

Coupon Clipper: so I went to Bath and Body Works on Saturday and bought a few clearance items, but I just got a coupon for a free signature item (which I bought)

Me: ohhhhhh

Coupon Clipper: can I take the coupon and get an adjustment? Do you know?

Me: yep, just walk right to the register and return your full price item with your receipt and repurchase it with the coup. Smile a lot, and let them know you wish that you'd had your coup with you in the first place and then get your better deal!

Coupon Clipper: OK!

Me: I'd return everything and just re buy it all.

Coupon Clipper: OK!

Me: I do stuff like that- especially when you stand to save a bundle. Do you have more than one coup? You could return your stuff and buy it in two transactions. I love their printable coups myself!!! Good luck!

Coupon Clipper: Y,es its printable it came this morning, did you get it?

Me: I didn't open it... but I will.

Me: OK, you could return your stuff with friends and have them re buy your stuff and use a coup each time... and stock up!!!

Coupon Clipper: OK! Yea all the clearance items are sooo cheap so you could buy a cheap one and get a free one woohoo!

Me: Absolutely!!!

Yep, this Coupon Clipper is getting it! Woo Hoo!