Friday, June 11, 2010

Confession & Advice:

Remember this picture from Wednesday? Well, I felt like I needed a couple of blocks of Mozzarella because Mozzarella, to me, seems like a summer cheese! Maybe that's just in my head, but the truth is- we only had orange cheese in our house.

I *thought* that I had read that Kroger cheese (all varieties) were 2/$3- or $1.50 per block. $1.50 is above my 'target price' (view my extensive 'target price' list here), but I had a $.70/2 cheese coupon from a home mailer that would make the cheese $1.15/block- so I was willing to make my purchase!

The only glitch was that the cheese was actually on sale for $2/block, and my coupon only brought each block down to $1.65. I HATE when I don't realize stuff like this until I'm at the register!

I was debating whether I really needed to purchase the cheese when my cashier said "come on, two bucks isn't a bad price!" And so even yours truly, a hard-core Coupon Princess (Queens, in my humble opinion, are old and haggard!), succumbed to cashier-peer-pressure! I purchased the cheese.


(OK, so I realize that sometimes 'target prices' will not be able to be met, and that's absolutely fine! I also realize that its just cheese- but I found an important lesson at the register, and so I'll continue sharing...)


Even though I consider myself a pretty steadfast bargaineer, I was shocked by my 'just go along with it' snap decision- heck, what's an extra $1.30 to me anyway? In the short run... $1.30 is not much, but in the long run, these little monetary additions will really add up to significant money needlessly being spent!

So here's my advice:

*Tell yourself that its OK to place an item in your cart, stroll it to the register, place the item on the conveyor belt... and then change your mind about purchasing the item! People do it all of the time!

*Its OK not to purchase an item because it rang up higher than you anticipated, and the higher pricing is just not worth your hard earned money!

*Its OK to decide that two is enough when you've strolled around the store with four in your cart!

Ownership of products takes place AFTER you've paid for the items! Until you've signed on the dotted line, ALL of the decision making is up to you (and you alone!), after all, it is YOUR money that you'll be paying with!

Do YOU ever feel pressure to make a purchase?


Staying Lean

Pressured? No not really. Rolling my eyes and making my husband upset because I won't give in to one little thing definitely!


Pressured, not really. Uncomfortable yes. I'm going to Meijer to buy the free warm delights. Every couple of months you get that cashier who insist that those coupons "can't be doubled" and wants to enter them manually. I always try to explain that they are not doubling, Meijer is matching the coupon that is why it says Extra. If they refuse, I refuse to get them and try again another day. I'm not paying one cent for warm delights - not a chance!


I confess that I don't usually watch the cash register closely enough to notice the price difference. I do, however, always check the receipt before I leave the store. If the difference is worth it to me, I'll head to Customer Service to deal with it. Sometimes I just suck it up and realize that I don't make those mistakes often enough for it to add up to a big difference.
Like the others, I do feel uncomfortable sometimes when a cashier insists I can't do something I know is allowed. I'm learning to choose my cashiers more carefully and present my coupons in an order that won't cause as many problems.

Christy M

I have found that if I make those hasty decisions, I usually don't care at the moment. It is the moments that follow that I feel guilty and over analyze. I too am learning that "NO" is an acceptable word in the english language and coupled with "Thank You" ~ You can't go wrong.