Friday, May 7, 2010

What Would YOU Buy?

We just received our annual Costco rewards and we have $24 to spend freely in the store. I'm not sure what I want to purchase since I'm not a huge Costco shopper... What are YOUR favorite Costco items? How much do they cost?


Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

MEAT! I am a ground beef snob so I typically only buy their 9% lean ground beef. They come in individually packaged one pound rolls with 5 in a package. You could get 10 free pounds of really good ground beef!

Christy Milbrandt

I'm going to be nosey ;-) Do you have the executive membership? If so, Costco's policy is that you should receive no less than $50.00 back. If your check is under $50.00 they will give you cash to bring you up to $50.00. Our check this year was only $33.91 so my husband went to the customer service desk and they gave him $16.09.

Christy Milbrandt

Oh, I see now on your check you do have the executive membership.

Laura Webber

Hi Christy,
Yep, I thought so too... I guess I'll have $50 to spend! Yay!

PS: I feel like I reveal quite a bit about my life on this blog... its OK to be kind of nosey!

Christy Milbrandt

So happy to be able to help you out ;-) I guess I never answered your question. We're saving up for a new desk from Costco. But I too love their fresh meat selection.


My husband always buys meat there... especially pork butt (not actually the backside... ahem). It is very inexpensive and he will freeze it until he is ready to smoke it and make pulled pork. OR he smokes it right away and then freezes it. We also get steak and pork chops there. I don't do the shopping, so I am not sure how much it costs.


I would stock up with organic animal crackers and chicken. Odd ocmbo, I know, but we go through both very quickly. :)


I don't have a Costco membership, my mom does. What do you get money back for? Not familiar with that!

And I LOVE their spinach and artichoke dip. I think it's around $7. I hate paying that much for it but it is SOOO good. Don't you usually buy craisins there too? You could stock up on a bunch of those! And romain lettuce:-)


Diapers or the big jugs of Apple Juice - we got through both frequently. :)


We love Costco's stuff (although I haven't been in awhile), so it's difficult to decide. I would buy something more unique in the food department that I know I couldn't buy elsewhere (because of no coupons or sales). We love their fancier cheeses, dips, organic toaster pastries (good price - 4 boxes for $7.99??), pine nuts (if their price ever comes back down), fancy frozen appetizer or hors d'oeuvres. Then savor it for a special occasion.


Not sure if you are aware of this, but you don't actually have to spend the check there. You can just go up to the customer service desk and they'll give you cash for the full amount. Ours was about $120 I think, every extra bit of cash helps. Not to mention I won't be tempted to spend that extra $120 in the store not that I need any extra temptation, I am in love with Costco.


There's no Costco within 100 miles of me, but I hear so much about it I'd love to give it a try.


Yep, we got a really large check back (yay!) and we got cash and put it in our checking acct...worked out very well. :-)

We buy their roast chickens (why spend at least $8-9 for a whole chicken raw when you can spend $5 and have it deliciously roasted and ready to eat with a couple sides or cut up and put into chicken salad, chicken tacos, or a casserole?), wine (great prices), pesto (this is especially great when I get a hankering for my chicken and pesto pasta in the middle of winter!), kitchen garbage bags, multi vitamins and fish oil (I get the rest of our vites from CVS when they have their B1G1), spiral hams, candy at Halloween (their large bags tell you how many pieces are in the bag so there is very little left over now at our house...I buy only what we will need), boxes of corn bread mix (this is SO delicious!), their butter (a really good deal), and their disposable gloves and large rolls of parchment paper (I use this when I bake). I get other items, too, as I see them while I walk around the store.

I love Costco and am super happy there is one ten minutes from my house!



Hi Laura,
Yes I must admit my husband and I are addicted to costco. Our rebate check was for over $160 last year. I tend to reinvest it in the store but that works out well considering I try to restock the garage freezer with meat. My husband loves costco meat and it is very affordable and great cuts. I used to buy my meat at meijer but now we only buy it there. I don't buy meat as often as I did and really do not feel I am paying more. I was actually there today and purchased romaine, strawberries, cut and bagged apples(great for the kids in the car), lysol wipes, vitamins, tums, coffee filters, eggs, butter, post its, travel cups, chicken breasts, plastic silverware,organic broccoli,mozzarella and cheddar cheese, tropicana, waffles, pullups, wipes and whatever else I forgot about. Have I mentioned I love costco. My husband is worse then I am. I love the coupon books you get and just got the new one in the mail when I got home. I always try to do the math when comparing items and I have to say costco wins alot of the times. Like today after using one of their coupons I got two huge jars of skippy peanut butter for $5.99. There is no way I could of done tha at meijer although with as much as I am at meijer they would beg to differ lol.


I love the 5 lb bag of Kirkland brand chicken nuggets for the kids! They're healthier than most (according to a recent Consumer Reports), as cheap per pound as I've ever been able to manage with coupons, and make a great "emergency" entree.

Taryn McCracken

We love their bakery section...the bagels, cookies and my favorite is their granola. But, I also love browsing their books and movies.

@Theresa - my kids LOVE those chicken nuggets. I bought them the first time with a coupon of $3 off too.

Taryn McCracken

@Gina, I love the spinach and artichoke dip too! I have to make a Costco trip today for my son's birthday party tomorrow. I MUST get that dip. Do you eat it plain or heated up? We heat in the microwave for a few seconds first. Mmmmmm!


Tara, totally heated up!!


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