Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

While today's post may be a 'no-brainer' idea, its an excellent reminder for saving while dining out!

I used to hate getting junk mail in our mailbox... so much to sift through and then there is the responsibility to make sure that what can be recycled does indeed make it (in a timely fashion) to the recycling bins. And while I still prefer to receive 'good mail' like a note, coupons or a rebate check, I now look forward to some pieces of junk mail!

Instead of throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water, I now flip through the monthly booklets and thick coupon filled envelopes to find out what our best dining out options should be in that particular month! Often times, I am alerted to a new restaurant or two that has opened in my area, and the coupons and discounts (like kids eat FREE) that entice me to want to try somewhere new! I definitely feel much less guilty about eating out when I know that I've gone the extra mile to save while we spend!

Are YOU famous for for only dining out with coupons?



When we eat out, it tends to be at the same few places that never issue coupons. I have found, though, discounts for kid activities like BounceU or a climbing gym.


I would say that 90% of the time we eat out we do so w/ a coupon or a gift card that I have earned - Also, We eat out every Fri night - It's something that we have put in our budget - I earn gift cards though things like or survey sites. Also, I have registered on many of our favorite places web sites and will get emails w/ discounts on them! (like Champps this weekend) We use our entertainment book a lot (we have 3 but have only paid about $10 each for them Also, I have purchased coupons online - Qdoba had b1g1 coupons in a paper and I bought several of these for $.25 a piece on ebay - or for a free kids meal too!


It's funny you mention this. I used to hate junk mail and basically threw it out without looking at it (some stuff I still do that with), but after couponing, I do 'look' at things a bit differently. I mean, there ARE times when we eat at fast food places or other real restaurants and it's nice to have a coupon handy. Even that little bit helps. There's a favorite Indian place near us and it's NOT a chain (yeah!) with coupons.


Oh YES- We ONLY eat out with a coupon!! There is NO reason not too!!

Staying Lean

Definitely well other than half off at Applebee's!