Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Want-A-Peek Wednesday


Grocery Total: $60.45
Spent: $12.62
Saved: $47.83
Store Rewards Spent: $9
Store Rewards Earned: $0
***It has been a LONG time since I have run out of store rewards to spend!

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Meijer Mealbox coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

Capri Sun (MFC), Kool Aid Fizz (FREE w/ Capri Sun purchase), Gushers (IP & MBC), Malt-o Meal (MFC), Ziploc (MFC), Pompein red wine vinegar (IP), Aunt Millies buns (MFC), McCormicks seasoning (MFC)

Spent: $17.97

Spent: $30.59
Saved: $47.83

Did YOU score any of these sweet deals?



I was able to get (almost) free Pampers from Rite Aid.

Pampers $9.99
2 Nivea body washes $7.00
Motrin PM 20 count $4.94
Subtotal $21.93
Used $5/20
$1.75 Pampers (from a home mailer)
$4/1 Nivea
$4/1 Nivea
$3 Motrin PM
$3 Motrin PM in Ad
Subtotal $1.18
Tax $1.02
Paid $2.20
Pampers SCR $1.50

OOP $.70

Laura Webber

Brilliant use of coupons! I rocked Rite Aid this week too!


Quick question...I see that Ziplocs are on sale for $1.99 this week...Did you get a stellar deal with coupons?

Laura Webber

I had $.75/1 coupons from boxes of Ziplocs a while ago... I just LOVE this size and mine always seem to disappear!


I was so excited again this week for the deals that I was able to get. I had $35 in store rewards, then $20 for transferring a script at meijer and with all my coupons and deals I saved $137.25. My husband about passed out when I paid the $23 for the bill. I went back again with another script change(allergies for 5 in our house lol) and my bill went from $64 to $4.96. Again, he was shocked. With all the coupons both mbc and mfc and in store deals I did great. The cereal along with the milk sale and my $1 off milk when you bought a cereal were so awesome. I had rebates for make up that was on sale along with 2 bogo so I made out awesome there. I really do enjoy your site. I have always saved with coupons but nothing compared to what I am now motivated to do after reading your blog. Thank you very much!

Laura Webber

Hi Danielle,
SWEET shopping, and using store rewards to your advantage! You note made me smile, I'm glad that you've been able to learn a thing or two here at SYS!