Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Scratch or NOT to Scratch... that is the question!

The Happy Housewife has a great article about thoughts on making food from scratch... or not! I'd really LOVE to hear YOUR opinions on your food making style to help me better prepare Tutorial Tuesday ideas! Read more HERE!



Great article! I've just recently started to try and make as many things as I can from scratch and I have really learned a lot. I like knowing what goes into my families food and the extra savings. I've put it into a few different categories. When I found out how quick and easy some "scratch" items are, like pancake mix, pizza dough and bread I quickly realized there is no way I'd pay for store bought again. Then there is the tastes way better, and will try to make if I have the time category, like bagels and jam. The final category for me is the thats way too much work for the little price difference, for me thats pie crust. I am terrible at making them, and they seem to take a lot of effort.

Laura Webber

I LOVE your three categories... I feel the same way!


I feel pretty much the same way, too.
I've had this article from Slate magazine bookmarked for a long time. It's one cook's comparison of making or buying several different items such as bagels and cream cheese.

As for your tutorials, I've loved all the goodies I tried. In fact, one relative who is particularly hard to please told me your fruit salsa was the best thing I've ever made.


Since we've jumped on the organic bandwagon, cooking from scratch has become a thing I strive for. But that doesn't mean I m gonna make my own pasts whan I have 12 boxes downstairs. :) I am just staying away from boxed foods. That is very hard, but it is so rewarding when my kids actually like something even after they find out that I made it from scratch. :) Now if only they would like the bread I make........