Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sharpen Your Scissors, the Archives

Looking back is a great way to move forward in saving...

How do YOU pick what stores to shop at each week? Here's how I pick!

Learn how to easily and non-messily (officially, that's not a real word... but SYS is kind of known for made up words... wink) bake your bacon! Seems appropriate for a long weekend's breakfast!

Need to develop a shopping strategy? Need to set some healthy boundaries for spending your time/energy/finances? Here is how I curb myself!

Enjoy, Laura



On the bacon baking post...I use my broiler pan so all the fat drips down. Your method is much easier clean up, but I just let the pan sit over night so the fat solidifies sp? and then just use a spoon and scrap!

Laura Webber

Ohhh, I never thought to let it sit overnight! GREAT idea! Thanks!