Friday, December 11, 2009

Grocery Shopping & Tip

I really haven't grocery shopped this week (although I'm planning to pop into Meijer either later today or tomorrow for some produce), I've only picked up chips and sour cream for the Cheesy Potatoes tutorial, and I picked up milk at the drug store too... we've been living off of our stockpile this week! We've grilled Teriyaki chicken and had salad, bread and broccoli two nights this week along with previously frozen spaghetti sauce and I made a quiche last night for dinner!
Spending $6.50 so far this week on groceries, and 'living off the land' has been great this week- especially with the frigid weather- who wants to go out anyway!!!

So in honor of my slim grocery spending week, I'd like to leave you with this tip:

Bakin' bacon.

My boys are bacon lovers... but I HATE the mess! So I crank up my oven to 500.*

Make sure to line your baking sheet with foil... and lay your bacon across the sheet. *I will let my slices touch since they shrink while cooking!

When the bacon has finished... well, baking, I lay a few paper towels on the foil to soak up the grease... viola!!! Easy clean up!

PS: Don't leave your kitchen- bakin' bacon is a quick process! I normally bake mine for about 10 minutes!!!



You are a mind reader!!! My people LOVE bacon but I hate to fry it up. You are a wealth of information! Please keep sprinkling us with it!! =)

Laura Webber

Thanks!!! I will, I promise!!!


Hi Laura!!! How long do you think it bakes for???

Laura Webber

Maybe 10 minutes! I like it crispy!!!


I understand living off the stockpile. Well, I did the once a month cooking a couple of weeks ago. We used nearly everything in our home to do it and it was more work that I expected. However, it is so nice to just pull a meal out of the freezer each night. I love bacon; but I never make it because it takes so long and it is so messy! Thank you for the tip.

Laura Webber

I need to widdle down my freezer stockpile to be able to do the once a month cooking... I need a deep clean my deep freeze day! Hmm, sounds like FUN!

The Pohl Family

We didn't do much shopping this week either. There wasn't a whole lot on sale that we needed, or had coupons for. However we did do the Kroger buy 6 for .84 2 liters of Pepsi products, I grabbed a few mgr special meats, we got a killer deal on bounty at Meijer (clearance big pack with a coupon for like $9). Plus picked up Milk this week for us and for wee one.

Your bacon tip is a good one. I hate the mess as well, not to mention the splatter burns.


he he.... it does cook fast. i can't tell you how many pounds of bacon i burned when i worked at a country club up there in michigan!




Great tip! Thanks!