Monday, May 10, 2010

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Coupon Clipper: Anyway...yesterday I went to Meijer after checking out I was ready to earn my catalinas after purchasing 4 100 Calorie Packs and 4 boxes of Stovetop stuffing. However in the self-scan isle when the sale was done I heard the catalina machine make an attempt to print 3 catalinas but nothing ever came out. I went to customer service and I then had to walk back with her to the aisle including these two items and the only one posted in the aisle was the $3 off (one catalina) for the 100 calorie pack. She then wrote me a store credit coupon of $3.00. So I was cheated out of $6.00? My main question was what do you think I should do now. My plan was to take the article I had printed out (at home, UGHHH!!!) with me today back to Meijer when I get off of work. Do you think this will do? Is this website usually 100% accurate? Is this enough documentation? Please help if you can?

Me: I'd try skipping Meijer all together and call, this is the phone number to Catalina Marketing. I'd explain your situation to them (have your receipt ready) and they will most likely just mail you your coupons!

Bummer, but stuff like this does happen.

Next time you are at a self check out kiosk, check out the coupon printing machine to make sure no red lights are lit... this usually ensures that your Catalina coupons will print!



That happened to me at Walgreens once, I called 1888coupons and they were great! They took a lot of info from my receipt and in a few weeks I got my catalinas in the mail.

Laura Webber

Sweet! I'm glad that you were successful! I've actually never had to make the call myself!


Mine didn't printed - the machine was jammed. I immediately did a return, got my coupons back, and re did the transaction after they unjammed it.

Amy K

Does anyone know if this is accurate about the catalina machines- I remember reading somewhere that if the light is green but is blinking that there is something wrong with the catalina machine too? They said make sure that it is solid green. (After one transaction when it didn't print and 10 minutes of getting a supervisor, digging through my bags, looking at the ad, they ended up just giving me $3 cash thankfully.)

Laura Webber

From an email:

The same thing happen to me last week. The Catalina machine was jammed. I told the cashier she took my products to a working Catalina, rang them up, and all the Catalina's printed. She then voided that the order. Next time I would insist they ring them again to make sure you get your proper Catalina's.
Hope that helps.



If you went to register 7 on the self check at Meijer in commerce... it has been having problems. I always look and see if the cat machine prints for the person ahead of me before I use that lane to check out. Then I push the feed button on the cat machine, just to make sure the paper is in right. Also if it is blinking green or is red don't use that lane because it isn't working.
Hope that they will send you your cat in the mail. :O)

Laura Webber

Wow Jessie, You've got it down to a science! Thanks for all of the comments!

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Laura Webber

From an email:

Hi. My name is Sharon. I live in Houston Texas. I subscribe to your blog. I read your Q & A about the catalinas. I had the same thing happen to me at Kroger. I was out $18 in catalinas. I called Kroger said to call catalina marketing. I got there email and emailed them the problem with the store info, date, time, etc. and they actually mailed me the catalinas. Here is their info. Not sure if they are the same company at your store.



I read on another blog (Hip2save I think???) to do the penny trick. After you've rung up your order at the uscan - put in a penny to pay - the catalinas should start printing then. If they don't - cancel the order and go to another lane.