Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Mooosley's Money," the Grand Finale!!!

I have been feeling like this challenge has been dragging out, so I decided to purchase food items that are great for simple, healthy and delicious meals for food pantry recipients who may or may not know how to cook or have lots of spices or other necessary ingredients needed to put a meal together!

The items that I was able to purchase includes: Easy Mac, chocolate chip cookies, Warm Delights, cleaning products, Manwich, Stove Top stuffing and Ragu spaghetti sauce!

Its amazing how a little bit of money can greatly impact the lives of others! If each product is gifted (by the food pantry) to a different family, thirty-eight families would benefit from 'Mooosley's Money!" Thanks for sharing Mooosley!

This purchase:
Spent: $4.98
Saved: $12.50

Spent: $10.23
Saved: $57.65

In case you missed it, Mooosley was a $10 Meijer gift card winner who preferred for me to spend her reward and donate the goods to a local donation location!

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YOU ROCK!!!! What a great job!!
Jessica M.

Laura Webber

Thanks Jess!