Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Want-A-Peek Wednesday


Grocery Total: $101.00
Spent: $12.92
Saved: $88.08
Store Rewards Spent: (started with $12) $38
Store Rewards Earned: ended with $9
*I made several transactions to roll my store reward money most effectively!

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Meijer Mealbox coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

100 Calorie Packs (Meijer coupon), Nesquick (IP & MBC)

PS: I guess I should note that our son has nut allergies, which forces us to bring his snacks with us every where we go, and these 100 calorie packs are PERFECT!

What deals are YOU planning to purchase this week?



Hi Laura,

I went last night and purchased the 100 calorie snacks and received the 2 dollar and 3 dollar rewards which was a great deal. I had a MFC coupon but not a meijer one. They must of taken them off the mealbox. I wish I would of had one lol. I also had 8 coupons for lysol products so I paid like 23 cents for all the cleaning items. I also stocked on on the juicy juice. The tortillas and nilla wafers were a good deal. I usually buy them at costco but with them on sale and with a coupon as well as one for bananas I couldn't turn it down. Happy Shopping!

Laura Webber

Hi Danielle,
Sounds like you had a yummy & full cart!


How many transactions does it take you?


i am guessing six...:) thanks for the peak it always gives me ideas

Laura Webber

I actually did 7 transactions- YIKES! Usually I keep it to 2, but I couldn't resist!


I did seven transactions, too! I did a couple transactions to get the Kraft 100 calorie cheese snacks...perfect to send for preschool snack time!