Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: "Mini Cupie Cakies"

Here is one of my favorite sweet snacks to share at a celebration! These mini ice cream cones were purchased at Target (beloved Target!)!

30 Mini cones fit inside a 9" cake pan nicely, so fill two pans (or cut your recipe in half!)!

After preparing your boxed or homemade cake mix according to the package, scoop all of the batter into a gallon size Ziploc bag. Hint: I took a mixer to the batter to make sure it didn't have any lumps! Lumpy batter is hard to squeeze out of the Ziploc.

After your Ziploc bag has been sealed, snip the corner so that you can easily (and as neatly as possible) fill your cones.

This is the FUN part! (Nah, I take that back, EATING them is the FUN part!)

Fill each cone about 2/3-3/4 full. I used 1 box of cake mix and I had enough batter left over for 4 traditional (seemingly GIGANTIC by comparison) cup cakes.

I baked my cupie cakies far longer that one may think is necessary... but the truth is, soggy centers wreak havoc on paper thin cones! Bake at 350* for at least 25 minutes. The toothpick trick is really helpful with these little cuties!

Lastly, add your icing! If you don't happen to have a cake decorating tip, use another Ziploc bag with a snipped corner to pipe on your frosting!

YUMM-O!!! (Are you salivating yet?)

I know what you're thinking... 60 cupie cakies, what do I do with all of them (and their sheer cuteness)? Well friends, keep in mind that 3-4 (I'd say 4...wink) of these mini's are the equivalent of 1 traditional cupcake! Scarf and enjoy!

PS: Cupie cakies do NOT keep well overnight. Bake and serve the day they are made!



Passing this idea on!!! And will have the girls try it next baking day!
Jessica M.


Thanks for the great recipe, Laura! I got a bunch of this brand cones from a CVS about a month ago for $0.25 each marked 90% off! :)