Monday, April 12, 2010

An EASY Way to Donate

Each year the United States Postal Carriers organize a mass relief effort to help raise awareness and nonperishable items for Feeding America and other local and national relief groups.

This year, your letter carrier will pick up any canned/nonperishable items from bags on your doorstep, on May 8th. Please take this opportunity to partner with the USPS, and donate.

If you are looking for a local donation location, please visit to search by your zip code!

One of the coolest things a coupon spender can do is bless someone else with their bounty!


Shannon L. in Indiana

Thank you for sharing this. I was just wondering when that was going to happen this year. I'm going to go gather some stuff now so I don't forget.

Laura Webber

I'm pretty sure that the collection is always the day before Mother's Day!


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