Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Survey

Its a little more my style to slide under the radar on my birthday... except for Facebook announcing to the entire world that TODAY I'm 32!

Over the course of the last week I've received complimentary meals (Red Robin & Mongolian BBQ), a FREE snackie (Auntie Annie's pretzel), and even $3 to spend at CVS... along with my inbox being flooded with well wishers (family, friends and even several companies) this morning!

Are there any BIRTHDAY FREEBIES that YOU look forward to on YOUR big day?


Tx Couponer

Day? I usually take at about a week to celebrate ;)

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Laura.

May you have a year filled with joy and happiness.

God Bless.


Dave and Amy's in on M59 in White Lake, gives you a yummy steak dinner on your birthday for FREE. Yummy food, very kids friendly so we are regulars ;0)

Happy Birthday Laura!!!


Happy Birthday - I'm 32 as well and it's a good number! :)
I enjoy the free drink/and or popcorn you can get from AMC movies on your birthday!

Candice E

Happy Birthday Laura!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Laura! I'm 32 and it is a great year, also it's my mom's birthday as well. Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday! I celebrated my 35th earlier this week, and my husband's was a week before that. We CLEANED UP on the birthday freebies around Ann Arbor. At some point during the week, I wondered if you had heard of all the great birthday loot. Check out this great website for the Ann Arbor area:
Many of the deals are for chains, so they should be good in other areas, too. Try googling "birthday free (insert your city here)" and see what you come up with.


Happy Birthday! I've signed up for birthday freebies in the last couple of years, and this year, I looked forward to my free ice cream at Baskin RObbins and Cold Stone Creamery:) Next year I'll have to sign up with Red Robin, too! I also did get free meals at Noodles and Company and free dessert at Buca di Beppos.


Happy Birthday! (ps I never put my 'real' birthday down for those freebies for safety, and I end up getting some nice surprises throughout the year.)


Happy Birthday Laura! I'm with you on the flying under the radar. :)

I was going to mention the Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery free ice cream too. Since I'm an ice cream lover it's wonderful!


Happy Birthday!
I love my birthday and look forward to it every year. I honestly don't pay attention to how many years; I just like the birthday.
When I hit a milestone birthday a few years ago, someone gave me a tiara. I've worn it on my birthday every year since then. It's a practice I highly recommend.


How did you get a CVS freebie?

Laura Webber

Thanks for the birthday well wishes! I think I received the CVS freebie from signing up for my Extra Care Card!