Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday April 4-10

Kroger: (a sans coupon purchase!)

Grocery Total: $8.43
Spent: $7.13
Saved: $1.30

Dave returned a stash of old, old, old bottles and cans hidden in the garage, $12.20 back in my pocket!

So, with my 'earlier this week' purchases, here are my new totals:

Grocery/household item total: $224.22
Spent: $12.31
Saved: $211.91



Doesn't that feel weird when you don't use a coupon? Hope you had a nice time at the wedding.


How much was the popcorn?? I just bought a HUGE 12 lb. jar of it at Costco for .71 per pound, wasn't sure if it was a good deal or not!

Laura Webber

The wedding was beautiful! And YEP, I totally felt 'nakie' without a coupie in my hand!

The popcorn was $1.89 for 2 pounds... we don't eat a ton of popcorn, but my husband had a hankering! $.95/pound!